Aceite de oliva virgen extra de la variedad Cuquello de la Jana

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The Cuquello de la Jana is an autochthonous olive variety (Olea europaea L.) of the municipality of La Jana in the Castellón province in Spain and adapts to its environmental and climatological conditions. The municipality of La Jana, with an area of about 20 square km, extends across a plain surrounded by the Cervera Rambla and small mountains of between 400 and 500 meters.

The vegetation tends to be horizontal, and the tree’s shape is closed with density and regular branches. The leaf is intense green on the surface and has a medium-long elliptical lanceolate shape. The fruit has a black colour when ripe and is symmetrical, medium in size and spherical in shape. The tree comes into production rather late, flowering is abundant, with a high percentage of fruit set. Ripening is early and resistance to fruit detachment is high.
It was surely the Greeks who introduced olive trees to the Valencian coast and pre-coastal the 7th-6th centuries BC. But it was the Romans who improved its cultivation, thanks to the construction of the Via Augusta (Roman road that crosses the end of La Jana). Many of the olive trees that the Romans planted next to the Via Augusta have survived to this day. We find an example in the Roman town of Les Carrasques.
A few centuries later, with the Christian occupation, the town charter was granted to La Jana, on April 17, 1237. It established that resident of Lleida introduced livestock farming and obtained the privilege of Lligallo and the right to a fair. The La Jana livestock and agricultural fair has continued to this day and is held every year on the last weekend of October.

The crops are in decline due to the lack of profitability since they cannot be grown with modern means and the olive trees are not very productive. Currently there are six producers who sell their products. It is a xerophytic plant and very well adapted to the climate of the territory, which is why its conservation is important.

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