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Abatina is a strongly seasoned sausage that, once cased, is placed under a press to give it a flattened form. It is said that this product, also knwon as boccone divino dell’abate (“abbot’s divine mouthful”), originated in the Church of Saint Anthony the Abbot in Campobasso in the early 20th Century. The abbot who lived there at the time did not like the smell of pork, so he only ate sausages seasoned with aromatic spices.

The recipe for abatina is a secret, and the few butchers who make this sausage each use slightly different techniques, ingredients, and doses. The pork is ground very finely and then seasoned with salt and other spices (especially chili). The sausages are placed under a press for around 3 days and then left to age in the open air for a few weeks. Abatina is either eaten in slices or sput in sanwiches with peppers or friarielli (broccoli rabe).

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