A Delicious and Ethical Panettone

fraccaro_3As Christmas approaches, there is renewed collaboration between the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity and Venetian pastry maker Fraccaro Spumadoro.

For the second year in a row, Torna Natale and the Slow Food Foundation will offer the Eccellente e Solidale panettone from the Fraccaro patisserie.

Good because…
Three Slow Food Presidia foods—Siwa dates (Egypt), Mananara vanilla (Madagascar) and Gargano citrus fruits (Puglia)—are used to make this “excellent fair trade” panettone, together with an 80-year-old sourdough starter, cake flour from a mill in Vicenza, Italian honey, and fresh eggs. All of this dedication to quality can be found in the narrative label, transparent to the consumer.

Clean because…
It’s packaged in tins made by Ricrea (the Italian National Consortium for the Recycling and Recovery of Steel) using recycled steel.

Fair because…
The Venetian company Fraccaro has decided to donate part of the proceeds to the Slow Food Foundation.

It’s up to us to protect the planet…even at Christmas!
So get your delicious and ethical panettone now. Here’s how!

€25 for Slow Food members (click here to download the order form)
€28 for non-members

The online Fraccaro shop (for more info: +39 0423 1904589)

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