A Coast-to-Coast Alliance of Chefs in Canada

A new network of chefs who use good, clean and fair ingredients

For Slow Food, December 10 saw not just the celebration of Terra Madre Day, but also the launch of the Slow Food Chefs’ Alliance in Canada, in Montreal and on Vancouver Island.

The international network, active in five other countries (Albania, Italy, Morocco, Mexico and the Netherlands) and involving 500 people, has now been joined by 10 chefs from around Canada. “It is important to recognize the chefs who are working passionately with their communities and with local food,” said Brooke Fader, the leader of the Slow Food Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands Convivium and one of the driving forces behind the project in Canada. “Slow Food must continue to work to network together chefs, producers and consumers as a way of promoting each country and its gastronomy.”

“One of the strengths of the Slow Food Alliance project is that the chefs source high-quality products—local, sustainable, seasonal—all year round, not just occasionally,” added Slow Food Montreal Convivium leader and chef Bobby Grégoire, a member of the new Alliance.

As in the other countries, the Slow Food Alliance will be particularly concerned with food biodiversity, but in Canada there will be a special focus on wild foods (like herbs, mushrooms and seaweed) and sustainable fishing (through activities carried out together with the Slow Fish campaign). These two important aspects of the country’s gastronomy represent the delicate equilibrium between food and environment. This is the kind of issue the Canadian chefs will be bringing into the spotlight.

In the coming months, the chefs of the Canadian Alliance will travel, meet and participate in events, sharing products and cooking together. The West Coast chefs, for example, have chosen to share their ingredients with each other, foods like pickled bull kelp, quince jam, porcini mushroom salami, lemon drop hot sauce, Red Fife wheat (protected by a Slow Food Presidium) and grand fir honey. “It’s fascinating seeing these chefs use the same local ingredients but each create their own unique cuisine,” said Brooke.

We hope they enjoy the adventure!

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