From 1,000 to 10,000!

There are now 1,000 active members in the Facebook group for our “1,000 Gardens in Africa” project: associates, leaders, teachers, activists and people passionate about the Slow Food philosophy. Coming from Europe and the USA, but mainly from Africa, the members of the group can share and discover photos, ideas and news every day, along with updates from the various countries involved in the project.


There are photos of events (such as the launch of the Alliance between Chefs and Small-scale Producers in Morocco), photos of regional meetings (such as the exchange that took place between teachers from 16 schools in Uganda), photos of the day’s harvest and photos of local varieties of fruit and vegetables (to be considered as possible candidates for the Ark of Taste).


The group is a wonderful tool that helps people to closely follow the project and to understand the reality of the situation, especially as we head towards our new goal: 10,000 gardens across the continent. It has quickly become an interactive community where it is possible to share personal experiences and reinforce the Slow Food network in Africa.


So keep on following: we are small but together we will continue to grow!


Find the Facebook group for 1,000 Gardens in Africa here!

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