Dear Friends
of the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity,

This Social Audit Report is prepared due to the limited assessment on non-financial objectives in the traditional balance sheet for non-profit organization like us, whom in pursuit of social, economical, and environmental benefits instead of revenue generation. The term ëbalance sheetí recalls formal bookkeeping and accounting. In the statement of equity, all assets in the balance sheet should be calculated in the same manner while assets must equal liabilities and net worth.

The contribution of our Foundation is difficult to be measured solely in financial terms. We shall go beyond all financial numbers and monetary results, hence, a new form of audit report is needed in order to measure the interests and expectations from all the parties that our Foundation related with.

This audit report therefore describes who we are, what we do, how and why we do it, what objectives we achieved and what resources we used. A way to evaluate the present and define the future objectives.



Piero Sardo


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