Alliance Community Garden, Arbaminch



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Alliance Community Based Welfare Development Agro forestry Project’s garden is found in the SNNPRS, Segen zone, Konso district, which is 90 km to the south of Arbaminch in Grsale Kebele, and 5 km northeast of Karat town. The project is aimed at ensuring ecological balance of Martane mountain and its catchments through the conservation and rehabilitation of natural resources (including 2 ha covered by indigenous trees and 2,000 m2 saved for the production of fruit tree seedlings). The main reason to start up this project was that the mountain was owned by the grandfathers of the 32 group members and the land was totally eroded and not protected well. The project gathered the people who own the land who decided to protect the area by covering it with various indigenous trees, grass species, birds and wild life. The wild life has been re-established with vast improvement of the soil erosion and degradation situation, while also contributing to the efforts made to protect the natural resources and the environment in the district and to be an example for other volunteers.
The next step of the project is to produce seedlings of fruit tree (moringa, coffee and other important endogenous trees in danger of disappearing) to distribute to the community and contribute to environmental protection as well as to produce honey in the reserved land.
Local ponds in the mountain provide the main source of water in the dry season; these are used by animals, insects and are also now used to water the plants in the garden and nursery.

Segen Area, Konso Special Woreda, Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples region

Mengistu Dinote
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